New Cards Casino Game

Online casino sites have brought casino card playing into our living rooms and lawns. While there are many other games available to play at a casino, card games are the first that crop to mind at the mention of casino! There are many types of card games that can be played at a casino. While these games share the same pack of 52 cards each game is intense and unique in its own ways.

Let's begin with Poker. One of the most popular card games around the world, the Texas Hold'em Poker variant is especially popular in casinos. This version is a drawing and betting game which was invented and popularized by poker sharks around Texas. This game is a combination of serious logic and luck. New players are advised not to bet money early on.

Around the casino circles, it is said that all professional poker players are serious Hearts players as well! Card sharks love this game as it's a childlike game where opponents match their cards without any bidding. This simplicity however is a competitive nightmare for the opponents! The game has many variations and is played by children as well.

Bridge is the single most popular contract bidding game around the globe. Put simply, Bridge is a culture in itself with complete websites, columns and editorials and even talk shows dedicated to it's strategy and complexities. Despite being the hardest game with fairly complicated strategies and an endlessly steep learning curve, there is still a world-wide obsession with bridge especially around casinos.

Blackjack is a very popular in online casinos especially for newbies, less informed and casual betters as it is quite easy to play and is based mostly on luck! All you need to do is play a perfect hand that totals to 21 points with a higher number than the dealer to win this game. Being fast paced, it's very popular around Vegas casinos and hence also owns the title of the "Vegas" game.

No casino goes without Rummy. There are many variations of Rummy but across all variations, what makes a game Rummy is that players have to match identical cards into pairs and other groups. The player who completes first, wins. Then there's Baccarat which is a basic betting game and a favorite of 007 as well. Typically, the game is about betting who wins a given hand the player or the banker or a tie.